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Here's what you'll learn inside the complete Social Stories strategy:

Chapter One, Creating: Content + Composition

Content categories for brand simplicity

When you press that red go live button ... What are you sharing? Why? What's the purpose of THIS medium as it relates to your business, brand, marketing strategy and sales funnel? 

Stop wasting time and losing followers using these platforms like the average person, and start using them like a high level marketer to create content that leads to revenue.

The 5 C's of brilliant storytelling

First and foremost you must be a storyteller, a unique skill most people don't have — especially when you've got one shot and folks are watching live. 

Never again worry about being boring or pointless, too long-winded or lacking a clear purpose. As the daughter of a professional speaker, I learned early on how storytelling is a rare talent that can be put to use in public talks, copywriting and throughout your business. This is a KEY skillset no one's ever taught you, until now.

Chapter Two, Captivating: Lights, Camera, Action

Avoiding Awkward + Uncomfortable

Let's be honest, most of what you watch is awk-ward! Stop making embarrassing pitfalls and 'go live' with more grace, polish and poise.

Visuals, View + Voice

From backdrops to style, microphones to music, I share the tools you've never considered — and at your disposal — that will uplevel your presentations in a flash.

Hacking Cinematography

The new age of social media asks you to be more than a photographer, but a cinematographer too —a tall order! But after you learn these pro-tips (that are easier to implement than you think) you’ll be confident in replicating the simple things they’re doing to stand out.

The Multi-Tasking Brain

Multi-tasking is my superpower. Speaking without notes, often while fielding comments, as I’m walking in the midst of action, (and more) is extemporaneous for me — and is the skillset I get the most asked about.

If you’ve wondered how I do it, I'm spilling my secrets. You’ll become confident, compelling + captivating on camera stealing my years of experience as both an actor and a fashion stylist.

Chapter Three, Converting: Marketing + Sales

Identifying Different Cultures

No two apps are alike, so as new platforms and versions roll out, Many fail to fold into the distinct cultures. This is THE most common mistake I've seen on Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, and in this class you'll solve it for good.

Boundaries + Privacy

The most challenging part of live stream video ... is it's live. Learn how to be wise and safe about what you share, so you can feel confident that you're not only communicating authentically, but that you’re creating an atmosphere where your audience feels welcome and at ease.

Capturing Real Life

There are no do-over's when you're in the moment. Sound can be off. Lighting can change. Brilliant moments can pass. I'll teach you tips and tricks to catch the moment, beautifully, effortlessly, and without allowing social media to take over your day as you re-film and re-shoot. Get it once, then get back in the moment.

Engagement + Marketing Endgame

As a CEO you're on these apps not only to make friends, but to connect with peers and customers. So how do you close? Drive traffic? Make CTA's [calls to action]? Partner to support each other's products and services? Be sure your time on social media is giving you ROI [return on investment]! Don't miss this business-only class.

6 P's of Growth Hacking

Learn my strategy to grow your following on ANY platform once and for all. No matter what new app or update comes out, how a platform rolls out changes. these are the techniques that will allow you to create a tribe for years to come.

Bonus #1: Winsome & Winning Webinars [value $97]

Hilary's exclusive approach to our wildly popular + profitable webinars

How do you pick a topic, create the webinar, is it all scripted out as bullet points on a different computer? I’ll show you all the variations I’ve tried over the years on my path to making 7-figures from webinars. Yes, including the ones that knock it out of the park, every time.

We’ll also cover how to be captivating, compelling and convert on camera — everything from voice to visuals to rehearsing and engaging. With all the feedback I get that my webinars are the best anyone’s attended, I can’t wait to share my secret sauce. 

Bonus #2: BTS of Stellar Video Products [value $197]

A one of a kind class taking you behind-the-scenes of how we film our signature on-camera courses. 

Come be a fly-on-the-wall at Dean Street Studios, as we film our latest product offering with the Team Dean video/creative team.  

We'll introduce you to our crew, who we have on set, and their roles. Hilary walks you through every element that makes our videos shine from art direction, to style, to hair and make-up (men included). 

With Hilary being NOT just the content creator and talent, but art director, stylist and producer, you’re getting all her skills AND insights from the team we hire.  

Learn from our mistakes and successes when it comes to script creation, developing content, working with a teleprompter, memorizing a script and more. PLUS learn how to effectively work with an editor — the most time-consuming part of our process. 

We even share how much our product creation costs, and get real on how long it takes! Video is the heart of our revenue engine as a company, and we can’t wait to help your next shoot lead to more profits and delighted customers.

Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook Live, IG Stories + more.

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